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We offer three brands of taximeters, including several basic models you may consider for your cab. The basic types of meter:

Type 1) Basic meter, as required by law if you are marketing your car service by the mile. We carry two basic Meters.

Pulsar2030 Basic Meter This is the Pulsar Technology Systems Model "2030". This basic meter can handle four different meter rates, and meets or exceeds all federal requirements. It is a good choice not only for excellent quality, but it comes with a pulse divider unit required by many late model American and foreign cars and vans. Also included is the mounting bracket, connectors and cables, plus the relay for control of your toplight. It is made in U.S.A. We program your rates without charge.

Type 2) The same meter is available with Printer built-in. This is for printing receipts for your fares, or statistics for your bookkeeper..

P2030R This is the Pulsar Model 2030R ("R" for receipt). This meter has all the same attributes and capabilities as the P2030 above, plus an integrated printer for receipts for your clients. The printer can also be used to print statistics kept by the meter. It remembers and counts money, miles, number of trips, and prints time, date and trip information. It will make two copies of receipts if needed, so you can keep one and the client the other. We pre-program up to four rates, and the Cab Company name and number which appear on the receipts. The pulse divider and the relay for toplight control are included. This meter CAN be integrated with other devices such as credit card swipes and mobile data terminals (MDT's - TaxiCab Computers). That costs a little more for the interconnect cables and special firmware. Call for details 760-345-4347. U.S.A.

Type 3) A new basic meter style, but with many new features already built in!

S700 by Centrodyne
Model S700 from Centrodyne.
This new market entry from Centrodyne Corp. (from Montreal Canada) has a collection of new features. Consider this: You have a meter and want to add a printer or MDT or Credit Card Reader: Instead of wiring changes needed to the meter and connector, plus a new processor chip and other parts, all you need to buy is a connector cable and a printer. Everything else is already in the meter... computer data, clock systems, etc.. The meter can handle up to 16 different selectable rates (not just 4) and all connections are already in the base, up on your dashboard. The meter has exceptionally easy programming yet it has numerous attributes. Call for details. It is slightly more expensive than the other "basic" meters. It will soon be the standard, we think.

A printer can be added to the S700 meter in a simple, easy manner; It can either be remote connected by a cable, or attached directly to the back of the meter.

. . . S700 with 160 printer. . . . .S700-170

Centrodyne has already installed firmware in this meter to be used with numerous external devices such as credit card machines and cab computers. Ask us! Fred@TaxiSource.com



Our most economical meter is now the iElectron MT-10. It's a basic meter with NO PRINTER OR EXTRA EQUIPMENT for a basic "plain vanilla" installation.

Best Value YellowMT-10
We Preprogram your rates (up to 4of them) no charge before we ship this meter!


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