Fred Stock Electronics (&  has collected over 45 years in mobile electronics and 25+ years specializing in the taxi electronics industry, a huge database of information on meters, vehicles, available equipment and connectors, aids of all kinds. We make these available to you in the form of an exact set of instructions for your installation job... the exact vehicle you are outfitting, including wire locations, color codes for various connections, routing directions for placing the cables in your car to look like a professionally installed job. You will receive programming instructions for your meter, calibration instructions to make it operate properly and legally, and tips on things to avoid when putting together your cab. Each instruction is individually prepared for your order, and printed just for you. We are licensed as a certifier in California, and have worked with operators of new start-up taxi services and old-time transportation veterans as well, all over the world. You can avail yourself of this great service for $25.00 when you are purchasing your meter and toplight from us, or for $50.00 if you already have your equipment. It is best to call us at 760-345-4347, or e-mail us at and give us the following information:

Make and model of meter

Year, make and model of vehicle

Model and type of toplight to be used

Your complete rate structure for the meter: Flagdrop, Per Mile, Incremental Distance, Waiting Time, Extras if any.

Also tell us if you expect to add credit card verification to your meter later on.

You can use the button below to order one complete package of information for $50.00, BUT YOU MUST BE SURE TO CALL OR E-MAIL ALL THE INFORMATION ABOVE so your package can be exactly what you need. If you need the meter and equipment as well, call or e-mail us and we'll determine exactly what you need, and set up the payment to your liking. Oh, when you order a meter, you can get the installation package for half price! Thanks!

Installation Instruction Packages
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