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About Taxi Meters

Also Checkers for your Cab!

Also Coin Changers . . Trunk Lid Sign - works for Vans and SUV's Too!

Also Interior Signs . . Also Safety Markings and 911 Panic Lights

Also Good Ideas for Marketing and Building Your Taxi Cab Business (FREE!)

Also Installation and Outfitting Directions

Also Wiring and Programming Instructions

We no longer handle Two-Way Radios or Separator Cages. We suggest you contact LOCAL dealers who know your area's services.


Wireless Credit Card Verification System - NO COST START-UP!

Centrodyne Taxi Meters  click here      Pulsar Taxi Meters  click here

How To Buy A Taxi Meter, and Comparison Feature Chart <== Good Place To Start!

Considerations for buying a Taxi Meter    Meter Feature Comparison Chart    Considerations for buying a Vehicle

Great Ideas For Making Money With Your Taxi - collected over 25+ years in the taxi industry - and they're FREE!

Lots of Free Stuff - log forms, good ideas   Learning Center for numerous free lessons regarding your business

Complete Illustrated Step-By-Step Installation Instructions for your EXACT vehicle & meter.

Toplights and Markers for Taxicabs   click here

Roof Signs - Triangular Advertising Carriers too!   click here

Safety Device speaks to driver, INSIDE THE CAR, announcing distance to object or child behind car when backing

Taxi Accessories like Cameras, checker tape, 911 panic alerts

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